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Bunnies need regular grooming.
The Hair Buster Comb is the Gold Standard of Rabbit Combs. It controls shedding of furry pets, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits.

All furry animals continuously shed fur, which is a normal process. The fine dead hair remains closer to the pets skin. It rises to the outer coat on a regular basis and sheds in the house. As more of this fine dead hair builds up in the pet's undercoat, the pet starts to feel uncomfortable and tries to shed it off through its natural behavior such as rubbing, scratching, or shaking its body. This behavior can be noticed mostly in the spring and the autumn in dogs and cats.

In rabbits, shedding seems to be continual. This is an important process to allow new fatty acid to stimulate the pet's coat and to protect and absorb vitamins into the skin from the sun. The Hair Buster shedding and grooming comb is manufactured out of long lasting, high quality carbon steel and brass, nickel and chrome plated and fitted with a comfortable formed wooden handle. The unique Hair Buster for rabbits The Hair Buster comb also includes a long lasting unique sleeve that is woven within the tines for an optimum grip, storage and removal of loose, dead and tangled pet hair. The Hair Buster shedding comb is specially designed with rounded tine ends to avoid scratching or harming of the pet's skin. Periodic grooming with the Hair Buster shedding comb keeps your pet healthy, clean, and shiny.

During the grooming process the rounded tines, which gently massage the pet's skin, the friction between the sleeve and the hair, and the effective removal of the fine dead hair, all stimulate the fatty acid into the coat which helps your pet appear shiny. Most commercial grooming combs, brushes, shedding rakes or blades allow the fine dead and loose hair and dirt to slip between the tines and to remain in the coat. The Hair Buster, with its patented design, gently lifts up, grips, removes and stores all the loose and dead hair, and the dander between tines and the sleeve. During the grooming process the removed hair builds up at the backside of the comb- grooming pattern.

Customers who have tried all other shedding tools on the market and compared it with the Hair Buster comb to control the shedding, matting and hair ball problems have stated there is nothing on the market that can match the results of the "magic Hair Buster shedding comb".

Good News! The newly manufactured supply of HairBuster Combs are here!

And they have a lavender wood handle and a purple sleeve.

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